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[6601.a-f] Model, Object, Registered, Africa, Egypt, Middle Egypt, Sidmant (Sedment)

Accession Number 6601.a-f
Object Name Model
Description Wooden model of a granary (a), with four figures of people working inside (b-e). The granary is a rectangular building with walls that peak at each corner. A door in one side swings open, and a flight of seven steps leads up to a flat roof, where there are holes for pouring grain into the bins below. The doors of the bins are outlined in red paint, and there is a red wooden block on the granary floor (f).

Holes in the surface of the granary's floor and roof show where the figures were originally placed. Each figure has a red painted body and a white painted skirt, with the hair and eyes painted in black. One figure (d, shown in a separate photo) has a piece of linen wrapped around the skirt, too.
Height (cm) 18.0
Length (cm) 35.5
Width (cm) 27.8
Primary Materials Wood
Secondary Materials Textile
Period/Dynasty First Intermediate Period
Earliest Date 2125
LatestDate 1975
Site Name Africa, Egypt, Middle Egypt, Sidmant (Sedment)
Acquisition British School of Archaeology in Egypt (Donation, 1920-1921)
6601 view 1
6601 view 2
6601 view 3
6601.d front
6601.d back
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