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[0.5226/30.a-b] Bowl, Object, Registered

Accession Number 0.5226/30.a-b
Object Name Bowl
Description Two inlaid, brass bowls. Each made of two pieces of brass, the bottom and side piece are dovetailed together and soldered. Below the rim is a broad band of Arabic lettering in white metal (not silver, but probably pewter). Below the lettering are festoons of interlaced engrraving. The inscription reads as follows:
'SALAM AL-INSAN FI HIFZ AL-LISAN WA ZARF AL-INSAN FI LAFZ AL-LISAN ALA HKH'. The translation is thought to be as follows: 'The safety of man in holding his tongue and the affability (lit. grace or cheerfulness) of man in his truthful speach' (Translated by T. Hamid, PhD student from Iraq, in April 1989.
Height (cm) 13.4
DimOutsideDiameter_tab 23.5
Period/Dynasty 13th-14th Century
Acquisition [0.5226 - 0.5228] Bickham, Miss Eva (March 1938)
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