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[1965.21] Pendant, Asia, Iran (Persia), Luristan

Accession Number 1965.21
Object Name Pendant
Description Human mask pendant. Small modern drill hole (1990), on flat inner base, close to broken attachment ring. Inner corners of eyes and mouth drilled (original). Straight hair drawn back from face in soft swathes and decorated with two braids - one running from ear to ear, the other from the middle of the forehead to the back of the head. The head has been stripped using caustic and citric acids and then washed. - ----------------------------------------------------------------
DimOutsideDiameter_tab 2.0
Primary Materials Bronze
Site Name Asia, Iran (Persia), Luristan
Asia, Iran (Persia), Luristan
Acquisition [1965.1-44] Luristan (Purchase, 1965)
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