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[10926] Figure, Object, Registered

Accession Number 10926
Object Name Figure
Description Wooden figure of a woman holding a box (or basket) of offerings on top of her head, supported by her right hand. With her left hand, she holds a lead attached to an animal walking next to her, probably a ram. The animal has a short, upright tale, and horns that curve backwards. The woman is wearing a skirt wrapped around her lower body and tied in a knot under her left breast. She also wears bracelets at her wrists, and a necklace or decorated strap around her neck, falling between her breasts. The top of the box that she carries is carved to show the food offerings inside it. Figures like this were placed in tombs to provide food and drink for the souls of the dead.
Height (cm) 30.0
Length (cm) 0
Width (cm) 0
Primary Materials Wood
Period/Dynasty Middle Kingdom
Earliest Date 1975
LatestDate 1640
Acquisition Jackson, Mr S. H. (Donation, November 1951)
Stirrup, Mark
10926 front
10926 left
10926 right
10926 back
10926 top of basket
10926 detail of ram
10926 as of 19/06/09
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