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[2266] Mummy portrait, Object, Registered, Africa, Egypt, Faiyum, Hawara

Accession Number 2266
Object Name Mummy portrait
Description Portrait of a woman, painted in encaustic (hot wax) on a thin wooden panel. The woman's hair is coiled in a tall bun on top of her head, and parted in the middle of her forehead. She wears a purple tunic bordered by a black band embroidered in gold, and a red or light purple mantle is wrapped around her shoulders. She also wears a necklace of long green stones separated by gold beads, and gold earrings threaded with pearls. The woman's hairstyle dates this portrait to the early Antonine period, c. 138 to 160 AD.

Traces of linen on the lower surface of the portrait are the remains of wrappings, where the portrait was attached to a mummy.
Height (cm) 42.5
Width (cm) 21.2
Primary Materials Wood
Secondary Materials Paint
Period/Dynasty Roman Egypt
Site Name Africa, Egypt, Faiyum, Hawara
Date Collected 1888
Acquisition Haworth, Mr Jesse (Donation)
Flinders Petrie, Sir William Matthew Excavated by
[Book] Walker, Susan & Bierbrier, Morris. Ancient Faces. cat. 49; Walker, Susan (ed.), Ancient Faces (New York 2000), cat. 23; B. Borg, Mumienportraets (1996), 49, 163, pl. 28; B. Borg, 'Die zierlichste Anblick der Welt', 95 fig. 117; K. Parlasca, Ritratti di Mumie, no. 137, pl. 32, 6; E. Doxiadis, The Mysterious Fayum Portraits (1995), 74, 204, no. 65.
[Book - Book Series] Kahun, Gurob and Hawara. 45, A, B
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