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[11306] Mummy portrait, Object, Registered

Accession Number 11306
Object Name Mummy portrait
Description Portrait of a bearded man, painted in encaustic (hot wax) technique on a thin panel of lime wood. The man's style of hair and beard copy the third portrait type of the Roman emperor Commodus, which dates this portrait to c. 185 to 195 AD (Commodus ruled from 180 to 192 AD). The man wears a white tunic with dark red stripes (called 'clavi') on the front, and a dark red mantle draped over his left shoulder and around his body. The arrangement of the mantle might indicate that this man held a civic office, for instance as a local governor.
Primary Materials Wood
Secondary Materials Paint
Period/Dynasty Roman Egypt
B. Borg, Mumienportraets (1996), pp. 16, 80, 156-7; K. Parlasca, Ritratti di Mumie, no. 202.
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